At Albert Pharmaceuticals, the sole meaning of life for us is to serve the humanity by healing the suffering and oppressed, regardless of religion and region

To Ensure Patients Wellbeing with Consistent Growth in Healthcare and Become a Leading Multinational Converging All Internationals Quality standards in Pharmaceutical Industry
We Are Committed To Serve Community By Continuously Investing In Quality Of Life And Maintaining Quality Standards Of Our Healthcare Facility


Albert Pharma is a people oriented company where good work is recognized and rewarded. We invest in employee success and growth and they are considered valuable as People, not just employees


Participative Decision Making

At Albert, we take pride in giving our employees a chance to participate in management processes. Albert Pharma gives a higher status to its people as they also have a say in decision making.



At Albert, dedication to quality excellence is our prime mission. We give our best to deliver consistent top quality healthcare solutions. We do what we say, we fulfill expectations and keep promises


Relationship Building

At Albert, we work harder on building long standing relationship with our internal and external stakeholders, based on trust, respect and honestly in order to take associations from good to great..


Concern for Society

Concern for Society & Environment is a sense of responsibility and contribution to society that defines our existence. We believe in improving the quality of lives and environment surrounding us.



We are committed to adopt innovations in our products, business model, system & processes, customer experience and technology to meet the current health upgradation and challenges of community


  • Strict adherence to regulatory (DRAP) guidelines and principles of cGMP in all aspects of manufacturing; including standard operating procedures, state of the art laboratory and equipment along with competent technical staff
  • We are committed for continuous technology upgradation
  • Raw materials are sourced from Europe and China. Our sources are FDA and GMP approved
  • Our manufacturing facility is situated in Sundar Industrial Estate. Our facility has aesthetically viable presence in accordance to environmental NOC from EPA
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